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Welcome to the Equilibrium Parkour website! 
On this site you will be able to view pictures and videos of the Equilibrium Parkour crew (EPK) and PK photos sent in by the viewers of this site.
TO WIN THE PHOTO OF THE WEEK send in any photos good photos of your crew or a traceur(you) send us the picture and the information (i.e. Name of Traceur,  Name of photographer) through our contact us page, Send to BLURZ.  If you win, your photo will be on the home page with a link to your website!!!
If you would like us to add you to our directory page please send us a small banner (like EQUILIBRIUM PK above) of your site logo and the link.  We would be more than happy to add you to it!

Parkour, which means "circuit" in French, is not new. It was developed 16 years ago in Lisses, France, by a couple of understimulated suburban teenagers named Sebastien Foucan and David Belle. Although they are no longer a team, both founders are still relatively active traceurs. Foucan recently appeared in an entertaining and energetic commercial for the Scion in which he does his parkour thing to Spiderman-like effect. Belle has also parlayed his parkour fame into television work. He appeared in a BBC promo a couple of years ago.




Above photograph is taken by::::Tom Jewson 'JUICY',, The Winner Of This Weeks Photograph...traceur is Justin Izatt(BLURZ)
Photograph below::: By, Tom Jewson


the crew so far-------------always lookin 4 more members